Monday, March 30, 2015

Bags to match my outfits.

This is one of three bags I made recently, fully lined and quite easy to make.

Our 50th wedding anniversary was three weeks ago.   These sons of ours! one ignored the occasion and the other did not get the message, his wife did not pass it on.   Anyway we decided to go bowling and then to lunch at a favourite restaurant.
We have ordered  my eternity ring which is white-gold with a strip of 10 tiny diamonds and my solitaire engagement ring is being re-built.  The claws wore out and the stone fell out, and the actual ring was too small.  Almost as good as a party/

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slowly does it

Yes, slowly does it.  Or perhaps I am too slow.  I took some quilts to the sewing group on Friday, they love to see what others have done.  One of the members loved my scrappy quilt (the one with small pieces and a white print border.  I may make another in a different colour-way  Hand-sewing down the binding of one of those quilts is going very slowly

I am still working on one of those quilts, (9 patch with a drunkards path block worked around it).  I will put a photo up when I complete it. I have decided to make it bigger so it wouldn't need such a large border.

I have another quilt planned  next, the pattern magazine and  some FQs are in a  bag waiting for me to buy some background fabric.  But I am staying away from the fabric shop for now because my wallet has not yet recovered from my weekend in Sydney.  There is a Quilt show on in Melbourne (Australia) next month (April) and I am planning to go.

Back to the garden!  Tomorrow, we plan to go to the nursery to get the vegetable garden going again.A few bags of compost and several punnets of seedlings and  we will have some veges to harvest through the winter.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


On my way home yesterday morning I detoured to pop in at Kmart's garden department for some seedlings for our front garden.  I came away with 4 punnets of Cinerarias and a Gardenia, all of them strong plants.

This afternoon we spent a few hours in the front garden pulling weeds.  We cleared one garden patch for the plants I bought yesterday and planted the Gardenia.  The soil was so dry it was dusty.  The seedlings will go in tomorrow , maybe.

Next weekend we will work on the back garden.  I am planning on buying some more Bearded Irises, which I love,  Unfortunately they are in bloom for such a short time.