Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two articles of interest

A  woman who  inherited dozens of embroidered pieces of a quilt from her mother who had started the project when she was a baby.  Many years later,  when the daughter reached 80 years of age, she decided to have it put together so she called on a local craft group. The pattern was of a girl wearing a bonnet (like Sunbonnet Sue), but she was on a swing.  There were  girls on  swings quilted in the alternate blocks.
This seems to break all records for UFOs.   I have one about 30 years old.  Can anyone beat that record.

Another woman died at the age of 77 leaving 15,000 yards of fabric, and no-one in her family knows how she collected so much right under their noses.  They opened a shop, and people came from all over to buy at $2 per yard.  All the customers had plans to sew quilts for Project  Linus and other charities in that country

I-spy again

Here is another I-spy, I also have fabric for the next one with smaller blocks.  Recently I ordered a set of 10" pieces called 'Loved by kids" and a set of 1/4 yards of the same category from  Keepsake Quilting in New Hampshire in the USA.  This should keep me going for some time.

Today I received a parcel of Magazines and fabric from eQuilter  in Colorado.  There were two large pieces of written music, one with birds sitting on the top line and the other with short pieces of written music 'floating' around.  The other piece was a gorgeous panel with baby angels. The magazines were McCalls Quilting.  $6:90 in USA and $15 - $17 here in Australia.

The Craft Show at Jeff's Shed is late next month, is anyone going?

Friday, June 17, 2016


This is for a fan of dinosaurs. It is a larger than usual cot quilt

Sunday, June 12, 2016

A penguin

This is my latest effort.  It was in Australian Patchwork and quilting, as a toy, but I made a kiddie quilt from the pattern.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Large star

This quilt was found in British "Love Quilting" magazine,  I want to do others in Blues, purples, and pinks,  Matching corners was the big problem in this project

Arabian Nights

This quilt took lots of time,  patience and reverse sewing.  The photo was taken late in the afternoon, the back yard is in shadow.  That's a little of our lemon tree on the right,  with our palm trees behind the quilt.