Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tapestries from way back

Here is a collection of tapestries I did many years ago. The picture, lower left is an embroidery from Vietnam, a gift from a boarder. The long one in the middle is a swap from a few years ago beautifully embroidered and quilted.

Teddies and their friends

This is my collection of cloth dolls and teddies, some I made and some I received. In the front is the Softie I received some months ago, I called moggie (a cat).  The doll on the right almost hidden, is a childhood doll from when I was about 7yo.  It was a walking, sleeping,  sitting doll, quite something way back then.  The cornucopia is ona the right, another swap on the Forum.

And indoors

This is a Parlour palm I have raised from about 3 inches.  The trophies are 20in tall.  On the wall is a picture of a rusty harvster in a paddock which one of my Forum friends sent me  in a 'Country'  swap.  My husband and I go 10-pin bowling twice a week.  We have dozens of trophies, they have  really only sentimental value.


OK, Here is the photo of the King Protea.  The shrub is quite spectacular when in flower (about now, October, November) with the Bird of Paradise in flower beside it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Garden

This is the front of our house.  At the window is a huge Euca growing over my gardenia.  At the corner are a few Lavenders with pansies in front.  To the right of the steps are more lavender plants, I think we have 8-10 different colours. Our Bird of Paradise is pushing the  picket fence over. We didn't expect it to grow so big. Just out of sight is a King Protea which is the envy of the neightbourhood. The flowers are about 8in across. I'll put a picture up later.

My Garden

This is one of our two last Wisterias.  We are trying to keep it small so it doesn't take over the garden like the others did.

My garden

I thought I'd share some photos of my garden.  Here is part of my back yard, with the little dog going  to see what's going on. On the left are two Washington Cotton Palms which are now quite tall, twice the height you can see.  Behind the dog is a Cocos Palm and an Alexandra Palm. A swing seat at the back is under a Red Flowering Gum tree,  To the right of the dog is an orange tree.  The middle garden has two bird-baths, a pony tail palm and a huge red grevilllea. (This photo is quite old, the seat has been moved and the plants are much  bigger). Dozens of lorikeets, a few galahs , magpies and crows visit us daily.