Sunday, February 22, 2009

Woof, woof, I just love attention.
Photos!! (runs into room and sits down). Is this my best side. My name is Casey. I suppose you realise I am the boss in this house, even though I'm not three years old yet. I decide when Mum and Dad go to sleep, I wake either one of them up so I can go chase possums during the night or just have a stroll around the garden. I like to get up early, too, so I wake Mum up by jumping on her, she knows she just can't win. Next comes breakfast, then walkies. This is when I take Mum for a run. Keeps her fit, you know. When we get home, I join Dad in bed until he gets up. Ahhhhhhh, such is life!!
This is my FIRST quilt, the Broken Dishes pattern. I hung it on the clotheseline to photograph it but the wind was quite strong, and I didn't want to leave it for another day. It is still not finished. Someone suggested that I hand-quilt it. I didn't know about the various thicknesses of batting then and started quilting in the ditch, sort of stab-stitching it from each side. I have done about one quarter of it over about 4 or 5 years. A work in very slow progress.
Medallion Round Robin 2008 This is the Medallion Round Robin I participated in last year (2008). I took the photo when it was windy because I had procrastinated for too long already. I love the way the last member did a 3/4 Dresden Plate on the corners. Must take it along and show it to my quilter friend.something wonderful to keep and show my friends.
Stitchery and Applique Block Swap This is my stitchery and applique Block swap quilt, using the Square Dance pattern. The blocks are just pinned to the design wall. I think it was sewn together as is. I hid it from myself and couldn't take it to be quilted. Next time I will take it with me. It's quite colourful and it's all mine, it even has my name on it

Another Photo
This is one of the "kiddie quilts" I have done for sale, I always know that there will be a Grandma ready to buy a quilt/playmat for some special someone.