Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bowling woes and progress on charity quilts.

What a morning. Bowling!! No luck for me until the last game which was over average, the scores I would like to see more often. My first and second games were under average, I couldn't take a trick. The ball sometimes missed the pins by a whisker but it still counted as a miss. The baby quilt is coming along ..slowly. Yesterday I found a piece of fabric with circus animals and clowns and put a few borders on it, just needs to be quilted and some lucky little tot can have it. I also found two pieces of scenic fabric and put borders around them as well. These need something more to make them big enough for a single bed.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Joining a new group

A few weeks ago, I invited a lady to come visit me. She belongs to Waverly Patchworkers. and handles the Gift Quilts. After a long chat, she left with four or five of my quilts. By Wednesday of this week she had given most of them away to people who needed them. I dropped into their quilt sewing session and decided to join up at their next meeting. In between making this baby quilt I will continue to make quilts but they will not be hanging around my sewing space but will be moved on to a new owner. I wandered around the big room where the ladies were busy sewing, and looked at the quilt 'designs'. I can do most of them if I had the right fabrics in my stash.