Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some colourful Table Runners

Some more of the table runners, I made quite a few in several colours, and quilted all of these with cross-hatch.

Christmas Table Runners

These are a few of the table runners I have made over the past few months.  There are still more to go, but I haven't yet learnt to do stippling..

A turtle for Eirto

Eirto is my little grandson, and he's just starting to talk.  I made this toy for him when his Dad returned to Australia a few months ago.

Another little boy's quilt

This time the Mum asked for red.  Do you think I met the criteria?   He sleeps in his cot under this quilt.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This another quilt for a (very)  young man in our congregation. His mum asked for  mauve.  Hey I'm starting to think these babies are arriving just so Mum can have a quilt made by Aunty Trish

Beatrix Potter's friends

This is the cutest panel don't you think?  The baby who received this one didn't get to keep it, his mother objected to the animals wearing clothes....she returned it and I gave it to the same day to anotheer mother who was overjoyed at receiving it for her little girl.

Camping in the woods, USA style

Wow, I did it.  This was taken from a 9-patch book.  It's an I-spy for older children, multiple animals but only one dog.   It even takes me a few minutes to find it!  I took the photo before I added the borders, 4" in dark green.