Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two articles of interest

A  woman who  inherited dozens of embroidered pieces of a quilt from her mother who had started the project when she was a baby.  Many years later,  when the daughter reached 80 years of age, she decided to have it put together so she called on a local craft group. The pattern was of a girl wearing a bonnet (like Sunbonnet Sue), but she was on a swing.  There were  girls on  swings quilted in the alternate blocks.
This seems to break all records for UFOs.   I have one about 30 years old.  Can anyone beat that record.

Another woman died at the age of 77 leaving 15,000 yards of fabric, and no-one in her family knows how she collected so much right under their noses.  They opened a shop, and people came from all over to buy at $2 per yard.  All the customers had plans to sew quilts for Project  Linus and other charities in that country

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