Monday, April 6, 2015

Next scrappy quilt is on the way

Last week at Sewing group one of the ladies found the scrappy quilt I had with me was her favorite. So I decided to make another in darker shades. There is also an Autumn quilt I need to start on, once I get the background fabric. A few years ago, I made an "I spy" quilt for a toddler I know. I bought some fabric with a forest, animals, tents, canoes, birds and fish on it. I used a nine-patch pattern in a book I found and gave it to him once completed. The child was meant to find as many moose, bears, etc on the quilt, and I told the older children in the family that was the idea behind it. Just yesterday,after Church, the mother came to me and told me she wanted to give it back to me. What!? Return a gift I gave her son? Apparently she didn't like the colour. This is the same mother who returned another quilt I made for her baby. It was a panel with Beatrix Potter rabbits on it. She did not believe rabbits should have clothes on. I gave it to another Mum who gave me a b-i-g- hug for it.


  1. Oh my! I can't believe it is the same woman! I certainly wouldn't bother making anything for her family again. Her loss another's gain. I think I would have thrown it at her! Big hugs.

  2. How sad Trish. Lovely that the other lady loved it!