Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So, What's next

It has been a long time since I last posted here,  what  with camera problems or missing  cords.   I bought a new camera for my birthday.  No excuses now.

Over the Christmas break I have been quite busy making quilts and bags and finishing off a few runners.
This afternoon I completed two bags and found fabric for more.  There are two quilts ready to go to the quilter.  There is a third almost complete however I need a trip to  Spotlight for some haberdashery  items before I can finish it.  Another quilt is slowly growing on my design wall but it needs more fabric (of course).

By the way, I did finish the Storm at Sea quilt, I gave it to my sister for her birthday last October. She was quite impressed.  I can't find the photo for it yet, I may have to ask her to take a pic for me.
It is 60" square.


  1. So lovely to see your post Trish. How are you and all your family,and your dog. I miss the forum,catching up on everyone. ( mumof 6)

  2. I miss the forum, too. Family is getting older, eldest granddaughter is starting VCE!! And the grandson has started school!! Pup is still ruling the family.

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