Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On Sunday night we had visitors to dinner. A young lady who was a frequent visitor to our place some 5 years ago, came to Melbourne from Japan for a 1 week holiday, to spend time with friends she had met while studying here. Our son decided that he and our DIL would come over for dinner as well, he speaks Japanese and DIL is Japanese. We had a great time. Our son has turned into a really good cook. Amazing!

I'd like to say that I have a reliable memory. But no, I forgot to attend a very important meeting (to me anyway) tonight. I also forgot to do some sewing today. By the time I had attended a meeting this morning, had my lunch, gone to the gym, the post office and the supermarket, and checked the forum, the day had almost gone. Next thing I knew my little dog was jumping at me asking for his tea, which he has a 5 pm every night.

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